Joy City subsidiary Roadbee Webtoon

On the 4th, Joy City will serialize its subsidiary Roadbee Webtoon, ‘The Pet Guard of the Great Gong’, through Kakao Page.

The pet for the Grand Dynasty is a romance fantasy webtoon based on the original novel of the same name of Kim Ji-ho and cereal writer. The story based on the original novel was added to the artist’s picture.

Her anti-aircraft Rosalin Idris Apel Luden gives her a slave to her, and her Penrir deals with her love story that takes place as her life’s companion. The Grand Dian’s pet was ranked No. 1 in Kakao Page real-time rankings and second place in the romance fantasy genre.

Roadbee Webtoon has been publishing its first work ‘Shining Summer’ on Kakao Page since January, and has been producing various works such as romance, BL, fantasy, and games. In addition, the company plans to introduce webtoons using the main company Joy City’s masterpiece Freestyle and Gunship Battle.

Kim Young-jin, director of Roadbee Webtoon, said, The pet for the Great Dog is an attractive romance fantasy genre webtoon that takes full use of the original novel. I will grow into a webtoon producer.

Meanwhile, the Grand Dian’s pet is serialized every Sunday through Kakao Page.

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