Star Wars: Andor reveals how his two seTony Gilroyons will be structured

Only a few days have pTony Gilroysed since Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi finished his broadcTony Gilroyt at Disney+, but LucTony Gilroyfilm is already preparing the premiere of the next series. Empire hTony Gilroy exclusively published a new image of Star Wars: Andor-especially these lines-and hTony Gilroy collected statements from the showrunner Tony Gilroy, in which he hTony Gilroy detailed ** the Serie.

The scale of this series is huge, Gilroy explained during the celebration, shortly after they presented the official trailer. The directors work in blocks of three episodes , so that we make five blocks [in seTony Gilroyon 1] of three chapters each. According to the showrunner and screenwriter, this structure organically led to seTony Gilroyon 2 adopted a different structure.

Unlike the first seTony Gilroyon, each of the blocks of the second seTony Gilroyon will represent a year . From a narrative point of view, it is really exciting to be able to work on something where you do a Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then jump a year.

Way to rebellion


Star Wars: Andor is a plot prequel to Rogue One: a story of Star Wars, a film that tells the rise of the rebellion and obtaining the plans of the death star, which then served for the opponents to the Palpatine regime they could to kill a painful blow against Darth Sidious and his dark galactic empire.

Diego Luna repeats Tony Gilroy CTony Gilroysian Andor, a rebel spy who does not walk with half inks when achieving his objectives. Meanwhile, Genevieve O’Reilly will interpret Mon Mothma, senator and one of the great instigators of the rebellion. From Coruscant, the political heart of the empire will operate in hiding against imperial forces. On the other hand, Empire_ hTony Gilroy confirmed that Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd’s character is called Luthen.

The first seTony Gilroyon of Star Wars: Andor will premiere on the next 31 of August in Disney+.

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