Netmarble New Media wins 4 awards at Social Eye Awards 2022 for 2 consecutive years

[Inews 24 Reporter Young-soo Moon] Netmarble (CEO Young-sik Kwon, Ki-wook Do) announced on the 14th that it had won 4 crowns for the second year in a row at the ‘Social Eye Awards 2022 (i-AWARDS)’ hosted by the Korea Internet Professionals Association.


The Social Eye Award is the best in service, design, brand, and content through a fair and systematic screening process by an evaluation panel of 4,000 for Internet brand promotion services using SNS media platforms such as blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It is an event that selects and awards innovative and excellent services. At this awards ceremony, Netmarble won the grand prize in the game field on four major platforms: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and blog.

Netmarble has been steadily recognized for its new media activities, starting with the grand prize at the ‘Korea Blog Awards’ in 2015. In addition to this year’s ‘Social Eye Awards’, it ranked first in the game sector and as an excellent SNS company in ‘Digital Customer Satisfaction Index’ for 5 consecutive years. At the 12th Korea Communication Awards held in 2019, it was awarded the ‘Korea Social Media Grand Prize’ and the ‘Korea Contents Grand Prize’.

In addition, Netmarble’s official TikTok channel achieved 300,000 followers, the highest among domestic game company’s own brand channels, within one year of opening, and successfully settled in the short-form content area. In addition, Netmarble is serializing the ‘Netmarble ESGing’ series, which introduces ESG activities through various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Hyeonseop Lim, Head of New Media Team, said, Netmarble is expanding communication channels through Discord and TikTok in addition to existing platforms. We will strengthen it, he said.

Meanwhile, Netmarble is providing a variety of original content produced by itself through its representative YouTube channel ‘Netmarble TV’. ‘Need a Buff’, which has been serialized recently, vividly captures the content of communication between students preparing for the game industry and game industry experts to share their concerns about their jobs and careers.

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