Champions League group phase 2022/23: draw, visits

When as well as where does the draw of the Champions League group phase 2022/23 occur?

On August 25 (6 p.m., Live! Ticker at Twist), UEFA in Istanbul has the line of work of the 8 Champions League teams for the 2022/23 season.

Which 32 teams are received the Champions League group phase?

26 participants have already been established, including 5 Bundesliga clubs for the very first time: Master FC Bayern, runner-up Borussia Dortmund, the 3rd in the table Bayer 04 Leverkusen and the fourth RB Leipzig, Eintracht Frankfurt is still the ruling Europa League victor. The 6 staying teams will just be figured out on August 23 as well as 24 in the Champions League play-offs.

Exactly how does the draw of the Champions League group phase job?

As common, pot 1 consists of the defending champion, the winner of the Europa League as well as the champions of the 6 nations put after UEFA ranking. Each of the 8 teams in the end has a team from each of the 4 pots.

What do the pots look like in 2022/23 for the draw of the Champions League group phase?

pot 1: Actual Madrid, Eintracht Frankfurt , Manchester City, Air Conditioning Milan, FC Bayern , Paris St. Germain, FC Porto, Ajax Amsterdam

pot 2: FC Liverpool, FC Chelsea, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, FC Sevilla, RB Leipzig , Tottenham Hotspur

pot 3: Borussia Dortmund , RB Salzburg, Schachtar Donetsk, Inter Milan, SSC Naples, Sporting Lisbon, Bayer Leverkusen (plus a group depending upon the outcome of the certification) _

pot 4: Club Bruges, Celtic(plus 6 groups depending on the result of the certification) _

qualified, however still uncertain pottery: Olympique Marseille

What restrictions exist in the Champions League group phase?


Clubs from the very same organization can not meet as always in the team stage. In enhancement, the UEFA kinds couples for associations with several competent clubs, which are placed as if they do not play their group games the exact same evening. In Germany, for instance, Bavaria as well as BVB are most likely to develop such a team. The UEFA wants to introduce more restrictions before the draw.

What are the most vital days of the Champions League group phase 2022/23?

Due to the fact that of the Wintertime Globe Cup in Qatar, the team bunny will be finished this year at the beginning of November:

1. Matchday: 6./ 7. September
2. Matchday: 13./ 14. September
3. Matchday: 4./ 5. October
4. Matchday: 11./ 12. October
5. Matchday: 25.
6. Matchday: 1./ 2. November

When will the Champions League round of 16 be drawn?

The UEFA likewise does this before the Globe Mug start. The eight pairings will be drawn on November 7th. Both first-placed teams of each team are certified. The team thirds are allowed to proceed playing in the Europa League.

When and also where does the Champions League final 2023 occur?

On June 10, 2023, the Henkelpott is to be awarded in the Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium. In 2020 and also 2021, Istanbul was withdrawn because of the Corona pandemic, in 2022 St. Petersburg due to the fact that of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

As normal, pot 1 has the safeguarding champion, the victor of the Europa League and also the champions of the six nations placed after UEFA position. Each of the 8 groups in the end contains a group from each of the 4 pots.

Clubs from the same association can not fulfill as constantly in the group phase. The 2 first-placed groups of each group are certified. The team thirds are enabled to proceed playing in the Europa League.

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