Twitter blames public figure for falling their income

Something that is known very well, is that a few weeks ago Elon Musk canceled his purchase towards the social network Twitter , this is due to the lack of compliance with some statutes by the company. From that moment on, it decayed 1%, and as a consequence approximately $ 1,180 million have been lost.

Given this, Twitter pointed out two main reasons why the results were presented. The first was the somewhat disturbing macroeconomic panorama and its impact on the advertising industry between the networks. On the other hand, the controversy that has occurred around the public offer of purchase made by the magnate and character already mentioned is indicated.

This is what a company spokesman commented:

All this has been reflected against the advertising industry associated with the macro-entry, as well as the uncertainty related to Twitter’s pending acquisition by an affiliate of Elon Musk.

Recently, Twitter is demanding to Musk for trying to retract from the $ 44 billion agreement to acquire the company, to which the two parties committed on April 25.


He reiterated in his complaint that the actions of Musk have tarnished Twitter and his business. In the Court on July 19, Twitter lawyers requested an accelerated trial, arguing that the continuous uncertainty… inflicts Twitter damage every hour every day.

For now the media case does not end.

Vía: Quartz

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