Pokemon Scarlet Violet New information summary. Uper (Pardeas Sugata), new Pokemon and Papimochi, etc. are also released

On August 3, Pokemon Co., Ltd. released a new information on Pokemon Scarlet Violet . In this information, the content of the adventure in the Pardea region, such as being able to challenge the gym battle in part of the story and in order, was released. This information was revealed in the information program Pokémon Presents 2022.8.3.

Pokemon Scarlet Biotto is a completely new title of the Pokemon series scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch. The stage of this work is the Paldea region, where steep mountainous areas and magnificent lands are continued. The protagonist belongs to the Academy of Pokemon, where he can take classes on Pokemon and leaves for extracurricular classes. He is engaged in a new adventure in the Pardea region. In this work, the Pokemon series has a mechanism of the open world for the first time. Since there is no order in the story, you can freely adventure as a Pokemon trainer, such as searching for a new Pokemon or polishing his skills as a trainer. The elements can be explored the field together by multiplayer with up to four players, and the version is also revealed that the names of doctors and academy differ depending on the version.

In the broadcast, it was revealed about adventures in the Pardea region, which is the stage of this work. First of all, in the film, the protagonist seems to run around the vast Paradea region, riding on the legendary Pokemon, Coridon, or Mirylideon’s back. Coryidon and Mirylide have a variety of modes, and can be changed to multiple forms that are in action and location. As for Keikai/Mode, there are a motorcycle-like/drive mode, a water-like armor, and a float mode, and a high place to the destination/glide mode. 。 By changing the form of the legendary Pokemon who is a partner according to the situation, you will be able to freely adventure in the fields of the Pardea region.

Then, in the broadcast, he talked about the story of this work. In this work, the player entered Orange Academy or Grape Academy. He learns about Pokemon as an academy student and interacts with his classmates, seniors, teachers, etc. The protagonist is an academy, leaving for extracurricular classes on the theme of treasure hunt and searching for his own treasure. In the extracurricular classes, three large stories are waiting, and one of them is a familiar gym battle in the series. In this work, it is the same as the conventional series in terms of visiting eight gyms. However, since this work is an open world RPG, you can challenge the gym in the order of free. You can walk your own champion road in your favorite order.

In the story-related, some of the characters in this work have been revealed. Dr. Aurim/Futu, who studies the traditions of the Pardea region, Krabel, the principal of the school, Ginnia in charge of biology, Nemo, a friend who likes battle, senior pepper who is good at cooking, shy classmates buttons, ice-type gym Leader Glusha And so on. The adventure is colored by various encounters.

Some information about Pokemon appeared was also released. Uper (Paldea’s Sugata) covers the whole body with a mucous membrane and lives on land. In addition, this Uper looks like a dokku and jerky type. Papimoch, a dog-like figure, has a moist, smooth and comfortable skin. The type is fairy. A white whale-like whale is proud of a huge body and freezes the surroundings with a hard horn. The type is Koori. In addition, it seems that various Pokémons live in the Pardea region.

In the Pardea region, there is a mysterious phenomenon Terraceal in which Pokemon shines like jewelry. It is said that all Pokémon can be terrace in the Pardea region, which seems to be an element equivalent to megashinka and daimax in the past series. Terrella can be used once in one battle and continues until the battle is over. When the Pokemon is terrasal, the type changes to the Pokemon terrace type. If the original type and the terrace type, the type of purpose match, the power of the technique will be further improved, but it is also possible to change the type by terraceal and change the weakness. For example, Pikachu has a terrace type of Hiko, and Eevee has a normal terrace type in addition to normal. There are a total of 18 terrace types, and the combination of the activation timing and the Pokemon and the terrace type is likely to divide the winning or losing.

Terrad battles are available as a rare way to capture terraceal Pokemon. The Terrad battle is a raid battle that works with four people within the time limit. You can challenge a terrary battle by touching the shining crystals on the field. Terratic Pokemon appears in the battle, and if you win, you can get that Pokemon. The Pokemon Sword Shield had a Max Raid Battle that could fight the daimax Pokemon, but it would be the terraceal version. In the raid battle of this work, you can act without any turns. Different cooperation and battles are likely to be developed from Pokemon Sword Shield.

In addition, in this work, you can freely choose the hero’s eyes and lips. Hairstyle and hair color can be arranged at a hair salon. It is said that there are four types of school uniforms, such as short-sleeved shorts and blazer, and it is said that boutiques are prepared for a variety of clothing, and it seems that the hero’s dress up has evolved from the Pocket Monster Sword Shield.


Pokemon Scarlet Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch. Reservations are scheduled to start on August 4th.

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