First look at Dakota Johnson on Madame Web

Sony Little by little he wanted Sinister . However, one of the most anticipated tapes is Madame Web **, being the first time he adapts to the character of comics on the big screen of cinemas.

Although there is still just over a year for its premiere, some fans have announced that the film’s main actress, Dakota Johnson , is already in the sets filming the first scenes. So paparazzi accounts as @dakotaj_updates showed some photos to the distance, having a first look at this character before transforming.

It is worth mentioning that also Emma Roberts was captured with her character and apparently pregnant, so it is possible that it is Jessica Drew, who assumes the role of Spider-Woman . In fact it could be a prequel to this girl, since Sony has demonstrated in the past that she is interested in bringing comics heroin.

For now there has been much context of the story, but it is possible that both characters have an alliance, which will direct towards a possible Spider-Man within this alternate universe. In addition, it is mentioned that somehow Tom Holland would travel to this place, thus having a kind of canon connection with the Marvel space.

Remember that Madame Web premieres on October 6, 2023 .

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