Johannes Müllers in the Torrausch

For the regional TSV, on the other hand, it was the second success this season that Gerlspeck initiated after eleven minutes. Rain/Lech met once more rapidly, this time Johannes Müller from a brief range (46th). And Also so Stefan Müller was able to do whatever for the hosts 8 minutes before the end from 15 meters.

The Würzburger Johannes Müllers continue to pick up speed. On Saturday this was felt by the SpVgg Ansbach, which likewise showed the responses in the area in the area in the 7-1 das to forget. After the last whistle there was a 7: 1 on the scene table of the Flyeralarm Arena. The structure rock laid the house team, which had the ball as well as challengers run over the entire distance, in the very first half hour. Zaiser (19th), Sané (26th) as well as Caciel (28th) fired a 3-0 lead within simply 9 minutes. The advertised team additionally had no chance afterwards. A Bayerlein proprietor after the break resulted in 4: 0 (54th). Landshut had the ability to shorten briefly (56. ), yet the Johannes Müllers offending after that used up swing and Franjic (64th), Sané (70th) as well as the replacement Meisel (87th) made the debacle excellent for Ansbach.

The afternoon was also utilized for the SpVgg Unterhaching, which at Wacker Burghausen shed for the very first time this season after four success. The home team did well in the duel of the previous 2nd division teams. Bosnjak, who only needed to hold his foot after a flank before Vollath, pulled the tooth very early (7th). The following neck strike for the team of Sandro Wagner set it in the 22nd minute after Maier saw the traffic control card as a result of duplicated bad deed. The due complimentary kick was ade around the wall surface to 2: 0 (23rd). Little headed out of the game with the guests. Nevertheless, Haching pertained to the link. A corner headed steamed to the link. This was adhered to by still over fars away. Sometimes, Wacker still had chances. One of them led to the 3-1 initial choice in the 70th min. Winklbauer asserted the round well, located the fine area Djayo, that had the network fidgeted.

promoted on track: Vilzing as well as Hankofen-Hailing Siegen

The DJK Vilzing has been revealing what Pipinsried was attaining in the last 2 games given that the beginning of the season. In Fürth, Josef Eibl’s team currently drove the 4th win of the season and also therefore related with SpVgg Unterhaching on factors. The promoted additionally offered an objective at the little cloverleaf, which disciples marked in the 67th minute after an exemplary counterattack.

Versus ex-third division team Türkgücü, the Lower Franconia performed very well and were the better team over the 90 mins. The Victor Kleinhenz team was only not able to close the sack, which took the lead in the 27th minute due to a loss back from Schebak.

The 3rd 1-0 win of Saturday mid-day was achieved by SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing, which stays unbeaten in the house. Versus VfB Eichstätt, the climber provided himself a bit hoggish, which is why the victory is alright. The gold gate dropped in the 2nd round when judge circled a Hofer play in the kink (73. ).

Once in the period, FC Pipinsried, who after the clear 3-0 against Hankofen-Hailing, likewise took the factors from Nuremberg a week ago. Against over cross countries, unimaginative hosts, which, nevertheless, had two thick possibilities to adjust, was eventually enough for the FCP to win that Yilmaz accomplished after good primary job by Dzemailji (55. ).

Jabiri dual pack is inadequate for Schweinfurt

In rounded two, the Schnüdel had a difficult time. Residence stetten allegedly put the lid on in minute 68 when Tunc only needed to head a long cross on the 2nd post to 2: 0 over the line. Schweinfurt still showed an indicator of life: Gaalgetter Jabiri was additionally at the head of 1: 2 from the perspective of the guests a quarter of a hr before the end. A penalty for Heimstetten, which Riglewski safely turned 3: 1 (77th), rapidly recovered the old distance, yet that should not bastardize the Schnüdel. Once more Jabiri goal number 5 in the 3rd game carer from a brief distance for the 2: 3 connection (85th). It was not enough, Heimstetten was satisfied in the end about the second win of the season.

At the beginning of the 5th matchday, SV Heimstetten and also the Ungefied FC Schweinfurt 05 satisfied on Friday night. The house team took the lead with the first significant offensive campaign: Vrenezi got the sphere into the interface and offered it past the caretaker to 1-0 into the internet (15th). An objective of action, the game ended up being extra extreme straight: the culminated 10 mins before the break in a smooth red card versus Schweinfurt’s Zeller due to rough foul.

the little ones Bayern need to go on Sundays

The advertised team additionally had no chance afterwards. The house team did well in the duel of the previous second department groups. The following neck strike for the team of Sandro Wagner established it in the 22nd minute after Maier saw the traffic light card because of duplicated foul play. Versus ex-third department team Türkgücü, the Lower Franconia carried out very well as well as were the far better team over the 90 minutes. The Victor Kleinhenz team was only unable to close the sack, which took the lead in the 27th minute due to a fall back from Schebak.


The fifth matchday choose Sunday 2 video games: Bayern Munich II needs to amount to Viktoria Aschaffenburg after the recent success in Vilzing, with FC Augsburg II, the only pointless team up until now gets the
TSV Buchbach, two factors, to the cellar battle.

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