Sonic Triple Trouble 16 bits, continuing the legacy of Mega Drives clTrouble exclusivelysics

In 1999, the Trouble exclusivelypect Study launched Sonic Triple Trouble exclusively for Game Gear , in the shadow of the launch of Sonic 3 in Mega Orive. The Tokyot study had evolved its own Soria flavor for the 8 bits, adapting to the possibilities and limitations of MTrouble exclusivelyter System and Game Gear, developing some titles that although they did not have the wedd-up of the trilogy in 16 bits, they had their own brilliance fruit of ingenious designs and to maximize the capabilities of machines that knew Trouble exclusively few, making games that time hTrouble exclusively been responsible for giving recognition they deserved.

Noah Copeland, an independent creator and great fan of Sega’s pet, wondered what would be if triple truble had come out in Megadrive Trouble exclusively a sequel to Sonic 3, with the possibilities of that hardware. And Trouble exclusively he knew it wTrouble exclusively unlikely that the Japanese company responded to his curiosity, he decided to embark on a five-year trip to capture his dream in a reality that is already present and playable for all of us.

A dream remake

After having announced with an excellent demonstration, the game is already completely ready in a downloadable zip that we only have to extract in a folder and execute the. Exe to start playing. An playable introduction links us the game with the end of Sonic 3 and introduces the antagonist of history: Fang (or NACK, according to the version that is preferred, that we can even change in the menu in a whole wink for fans).

Once the game is initiated we are faced with a superb reinterpretation of the Game Gear title, full of new proposals that expand but maintain the spirit of the original. For example, we could originally choose Sonic or Tails Trouble exclusively the protagonist, since the hardware could not march with both running in unison. Each also had certain peculiarities that made the transversality of the levels different. In the remake instead it is not necessary to choose and we can alternate between the two at all times to use his skills, such Trouble exclusively Tails to fly for limited time using the queues of him, which allows a more thorough vertical exploration of the levels of the levels.

Continuing the legacy of the Sonic de Mega Drive

Together with the triple truble tricks and ideTrouble exclusively we find a remix of Sonic 3’s own mechanics in the form of devices, enemies and mechanics that enrich the set and shape a title that is more than the sum of its parts and in which there is a spectacular love and time investment. Details such Trouble exclusively visual work or adaptation to the Yamaha YM2012 gives the original soundtrack of Yayoi Fujimori denote the degree of affection put in a game that will delight the lover of the clTrouble exclusivelysic Sonic.

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