How to get a red nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Red Nucleus is a special currency in Tower of Fantasy, used to pull out characters from a limited banner. Most players will want to focus their resources on this banner, as he gives a 50 percent chance to get a chosen character with pity and guaranteed to get a chosen character with slightly greater persistence. Given what has been said, this is how to farm this important resource in the game.

All ways to get a red nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Exchange of dark crystals

Dark crystals are a currency that can be obtained by fulfilling achievements, mission and other research goals. You can access the store menu in the upper right corner of the screen and exchange 150 dark crystals for one red core in the hot category. In addition, you can directly use dark crystals in a limited banner, and you will be charged at the same exchange rate.

It is important to know that the crystals of darkness can also be exchanged for the gold nucleus, so we strongly recommend using darkness crystals directly in a limited banner to prevent an accidental purchase of an irregular type of nucleus.

Buying in a store

In addition to the exchange of dark crystals, you can also purchase gift sets containing red nuclei using Tanium in the store. Tanium can be obtained only by spending real money, so, unfortunately, this is not a free game.

participate in events

Red Nuclei often spread in the events of Tower of Fantasy CN, so the global server will most likely get the same. So, if you remain active in the game, you can ultimately accumulate this currency enough to guarantee weapons and simulackers from a limited banner.

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