[Gemphae] Skip story RPG Ragnaroklost The Memory

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[Gem Star Moon Young-soo] It is no exaggeration to say that the PC online game ‘Ragnarok Online’, which was released in 2002 and celebrated 20 years this year, is one of the most ‘concerned and’ intellectual property (IP). Gravity showed a lot of titles that won the Ragnarok title. There were some games that were very popular, and there were not many games buried without sound rumors.

Even in the point of pointing out that ‘stop eating’, Gravity focuses only on Ragnarok because it is the result. Gravity achieved sales of W96.5bn and operating profit of W22.1bn in the second quarter of this year. It is a result of various Ragnarok-based games from Korea and Southeast Asia.

Another ‘Ragnarok The Lost Memory’ has been released. Gravity’s subsidiary Gravity Neo Cyan is in charge of the game.

Gravity attempted to transform into all kinds of genres such as mobile MMORPGs, collection RPGs, puzzles, and action in the process of concerning Ragnarok IP. The thumbs who are going to skip are going to play a story-oriented game in the domestic mobile game market. It is not usually a brave choice.

Ragnarok The Lost Memories starts with Ragnarok IP fans with familiar graphics and characters. The adventure surrounding the protagonist, who has lost his memory but does not die. Like the story RPG, the share of conversations is much larger than other games. The conversation is light and popping rather than serious, so I felt like I was watching a web novel. In order to proceed with the next conversation, I had to press the screen.

Skip buttons also exist. Skip scenarios to explain the approximate situation and go to the next stage. However, the memory of the story RPG stood out that the device was introduced to lower this skip frequency. For example, when you talk normally, ‘Gemstone’, a in-game goods, appears on the game screen. If you skip, you can’t get these small gemstones.

The combination of skill cards with an automatic base was also unusual. In the field with the enemy in the field, there is an immediate battle on the field, and the characters will automatically attack the nearest monsters. The user can use the skill cards consisting of decks within the limits allowed by resources to solve the battle. Cards can restore allies’ stamina or give them a wide range of stunts. However, as the battle proceeds in real time, it is required to be quick to judge. It can only be cleared in the early days, but when dealing with a powerful enemy like a boss, you need to solve the situation with an appropriate skill card.

Like this, Ragnarok The Lost Memories was a single RPG design, so it was able to proceed slowly. It is a fun that cannot be presented in MMORPG, which causes competition with others from the beginning to the end. If you are a gamer who reads the story carefully or enjoys a web novel, Ragnarok The Lost Memor will be surprisingly fun. Of course, if you don’t care about the story for efficient development, there’s no reason to play this game.

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