Reveals Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider by trailer

Independent games show the love of some developers for the titles of their childhood, that was reflected in releases such as Shovel Knight , Undertale, The Messenger , among others. And now through a fairly colorful trailer, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider , video game that can remind us of the legendary of Ninja Gaiden .

This is developed by Joymasher and distributed by The Arcade Crew , being a mixture of classic games that the most fans of the golden years of gaming will worship. Here, we assume the role of an android that crosses a lateral scroll platforms, having as a mission to defeat many enemies with the use of ninja movements.

Here is your revelation trailer:

Here the description of Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider :

The gloomy and magnificent world of Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider perfectly channels the happy days of the era of the 16 bits through an intricate art of pixels, which inspires a surprising challenge over eight fatal stages. From beginning to end, you will enjoy a perfect platform action for a precise and focused experience that never lets your blade expel.

As a complement to these beautiful pixels there is an incredible soundtrack with a nostalgic and timeless environment. The result is the retro experience par excellence.


The game will arrive in 2022 for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna and PC .

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