How to defeat Varga in Timesia

When you start the passage of Thymesia, the game will put you against a giant boss knight named Varg during the training section. This fight with a warrus will help you get acquainted with the management and mechanics of the game.

But this will not be the last time you see Varg in your passage of Timesia. Later in the game, you will meet with the warg again; And this time it will be much stronger.

To help you prepare for the battle with Boss Barg in Timesia, we have prepared for you this leadership in which we will show you where to find a Varga, how to win it and what awards you can get in battle.

where to find Varga

After your first meeting with Varg during the training of Timesia, you will face him again as soon as you get to the zone of Hermes fortress. The fortress of Hermes is the third zone in Timaia, so you can take revenge on Vargu soon after training.

How to win Varga in Timesia

The battle with Boss Barg in the Hermes fortress will be divided into two phases. This may seem frightening, but keep in mind that at the second stage only a few small changes occur.

Before we delve into the strategy that you need to use to defeat Varga, let’s take a look at the set of Varga techniques and perfect talents, weapons and the characteristics that you need for this battle.

Set of Movements Warga

A shock with a sword and a blow *: Varg attacks you with his massive sword, and then quickly performs a blow from above.
Double blow with a sword : Varg inflicts you two quick blows with a sword.
Attack in a jerk in a jump : Varg bounces from you, then quickly jumps in the air to perform an attack in the jump.
The attack jerk-jug-job *: Varg rushes away from you, and then quickly strikes with a sword. Then he completes the combo with a deadly blow.
Attack with a blow from above *: Varg performs an attack with a blow from above, and then quickly inflicts two blows to you with his sword.

Recommended equipment

For you statistics , you must focus on increasing the level of your vitality. Your survivability should be at the level of 5 or higher to deal with crazy damage applied by a warg.

For you plague weapons , you must bring onions. The greatest weakness of the Warga is his slow speed, so onions are the best choice of weapons for this battle.

As for your talents, you must invest in an accurate deviation and a long evasion in order to be able to reflect and evade the attacks of Varg. You also have to get Long Claw and Sabre’s Claw Claw to increase the damage against Varga.

fighting strategy

Now that you know what equipment you need to take with you into this battle, let’s delve into the strategy of your second battle against Varg in Timesia.

The first phase of the battle with this boss Varg will be largely an exact copy of the battle that you had with him during training.

The only real difference this time is the battlefield. The place where you will fight him will be much smaller than the educational arena. This will give you less space for movement, so you need to be careful with your movements.

Varg has very powerful attacks, but they are also quite slow. This will give you a lot of space for evasion/deviation, and then punish his attacks.

Please note that his jerk attacks are much faster than the rest of his movements, so follow the indicators of the attack to prepare for evasion from the attack.

If you bring a good bow to this battle, you can intimidate the Varga during the first phase of the battle. Just stay away from the wars and shoot him from onions.

As soon as you deplete the barg’s health band, the second phase of this battle with the boss will begin. The largest change at this stage is the aggressiveness of the Varg. Varg will now be much more aggressive. This means that there will be less time between his consistent attacks, and he will also begin to combine different attacks together.

Another big change will affect the Ultimate Attack Varga. When the second phase begins, Varg will immediately light up red, and then publish roar.

If an absolute attack hit you, it will temporarily stun you, leaving you completely open to attacks. If you are stunned, do not forget to spit the evasion button so that you can roll back the exact millisecond that you will restore after stunning.

Now Varg will periodically perform this ultimatum attack until the end of the battle. But, fortunately, all you need to do to evade the attack is just to run back.

Now, in order to defeat Varga in the second phase of the battle, you need to master the art of parrying. Since Varg will now be incredibly aggressive, your spam strategy will become useless.

You will have to get closer to Vargu and defeat him with the help of close combat weapons and talents. And when you get close to him, you will need to fend off all his attacks.

If you have failed the parry and the warg hit you, keep in mind that he will need 4-5 strokes to kill you. If you receive a blow, you can heal yourself during the break that he makes between attacks.

When he takes a short break between attacks, your time will come to prove yourself. Try to apply him 3-4 beats every time he takes a break in the attack. The best attack for this purpose will be an attack on your choice.

Continue to do this until his white strip of health is completely exhausted. Then you can start using your long claw on it. This will instantly reduce his last health lane, having finished the battle with the boss.

Awards for the battle with the Varg-Boss

Having defeated Varga in the Hermes fortress, you will receive the following awards:

  • 7600x memory fragments
  • Forgotten pen
  • The core of the Varga
  • Shards of the skill of a giant sword

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