Mad World, GameSom Special Video Release

Grass Soft Co., Ltd. (CEO Se-min Yoon) will release a special video of MMORPG ‘Mad World-AGE OF DARKNESS’ developed by the company to commemorate the European game show ‘Game Spom 2022’ held from August 24 to 28. I revealed it.

In the game video, it contains a variety of game directors who show a desperate worldview, along with a thrilling battle with a nucleus and slash.


Madworld, meanwhile, is being developed as a more completed version based on the test data collected during the final alpha test, and it will conduct CBT on September 15. Detailed CBT tester recruitment schedules will be released.

Madworld is a MMORPG that depicts the narrative of the desperate world. Based on the story of humanity finding a small hope in the desired apocalypse worldview, it is a game that defeats evil by growing your own character. The game has a highly freedom growth system and a stylish action operation, and you can use the latest web technology to play the game anytime and anywhere without any installation with a web browser.

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