How to use endurance to restore colors in a pile in Genshin Impact

Extensive tropical forests are a house for many landscapes, including tall mountains and trees, which even your maximum endurance, geography and wind flow of the valve cannot cope with. On the other hand, these unreasonably high reliefs are usually surrounded by yellow luminous three-leafy colors. Like an oasis in the desert, these friendly flowers will help restore your endurance on the way so that you do not fall in a millimeter from the top of the mountain.

How luminous yellow flowers work in a stroke in Genshin Impact

Endurance flowers appear randomly in tropical forests, usually along high mountains and trees, and sometimes on land and reservoirs. They are easy to use-when you climb, swim or run and stumble upon these flowers, approach they heal them about half a bank of endurance . As soon as their healing force is used, the flowers will cease to glow. Flowers that do not glow can no longer restore endurance. However, it takes only a few minutes for a flower that restores endurance can be used again.

Can you cause endurance by restoring flowers in a pile?


Currently, there is no known way to call these beneficial flowers manually, so you still have to rely on other means to climb the highest structures and swim over long distances. For example, four-leaf seals more often appear in the tropical forests to a pile and offer a reliable way to get from one point to another without the need to make a long transition or climb.

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