Naruto: All arches and anime filling to see the beginnings of our favorite ninja

Begin to see Naruto can become a true odyssey if we do not know exactly the corresponding chapters. Because if there is any anime that perfectly defines what the filling is annoying, this is the perfect example unfortunately. Even so, seeing the adventures of our favorite ninja without having to eat any of these chapters is really a joy, especially the first part of it, which is much more focused on adventure and action.

And as with practically everything that is encouraged, this work is enjoyable both to see it in writing and in the form of a sleeve to see it with a good anime-shaped soundtrack. Next, you will see all the Arches and sagas that you can enjoy, including the filling of the red-color anime so that you decide yourself whether to see it or not. That said, we have to venture on Naruto’s trip and all his classmates with a clear but difficult objective: becomes the next Konoha Hokage.

Prologue-País de las Olas

Chūnin exams

Konoha destruction

Tsunade search


Sasuke recovery mission

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