Eintracht Frankfurt: Utensil ban for SGE

Essentially, the fans of the Hessian Bundesliga club are restricted from offering themselves because of this in four centrally located areas of the French port city.

The followers of Eintracht Frankfurt need to comply with extremely rigorous house rules in the Champions Organization guest video game at Olympic Marseille.


The using of follower utensils such as headscarves etc., the singing of fan tracks and also other decimal behavior in public on the road and also squares are restricted in these metropolitan areas, stated Contract.

The journey to the arena must only accompany a valid ticket for the authorized visitor area as well as in organized buses as well as come with by the police. Follower marches, but also any other sort of individual journey, specifically on foot, are purely prohibited and are stopped by the cops, it claimed.

In the run-up to the game on September 13th (9:00 p.m.), the responsible cops prefecture provided the house that both the stay of Contract advocates in the city location of Marseille from Monday to Tuesday in addition to the arrival and separation to the stadium on match day worry on your own.

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