Eco-friendly trend drink: Matcha just drink in small amounts

Eco-friendly, eco-friendly, environment-friendly are currently numerous drinks: Match tea, Matcha-Smoothies, Matcha-Latte and Co. However the Japanese term Match ( ground tea) is not protected in this country. This is indicated by the NRW customer center.

It remains vague for customers whether the environment-friendly tea powder used really has the typical, elaborate production process with shading of the tea plants that makes it relatively costly. Consumers can not identify how the Match tea acquired in this nation is separated from standard eco-friendly tea products.

Match can include lightweight aluminum


If the package is missing out on and also no even more than one gram, the customer supporters therefore do not suggest drinking Matcha-greene pules per cup extra than three times a day even. On top of that: change items as well as brands frequently to avoid one-sided air pollution.

Due to the fact that while the health-promoting impacts that the environment-friendly tea powder are frequently said to have been verified, the tea plants made use of can soak up lightweight aluminum depending on the farming location, which can harm the worried system as well as bones in the lengthy term. Unlike standard teas, the Match is additionally not filteringed system, however the powder is foamed or mixed and intoxicated entirely.

If you utilize Matcha-Latte, Match tea and Carbon monoxide, according to the consumer advocates, you should still take a complete view of the listing of components as well as the prep work and usage suggestions on the pack.

Incidentally, products with a high match concentration are not suitable for kids. Because Match can include more high levels of caffeine than standard green tea, relying on the dish, Match beverages also come to the caffeine web content of an espresso.

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