Werders stage: first the effort, after that the great adjusting

Or? Yes, definitely, also agrees with Phase itself, there is still area for enhancement. However, this additionally has to do with the truth that it was a big step for me. To switch to the Bundesliga, as a Danish champ, for a transfer cost of four million euros. Also, terrific is the attention that the only Bremen does not have a non-detached brand-new addition. All of these affecting factors sometimes require a long time.

There was an additional of these scenes against FC Augsburg last Friday. Jens Phase came in the 39th min in a promising placement in the opposing penalty area on the ball-hats the ball took failing, the possibility was g1. SV Welder Bremen inevitably shed 0-1. In concept, the new addition of FC Copenhagen has been properly in the main midfield at the promoted group. Nevertheless, he still does not have that particular something.

Stage intends to run much more battles

Phase still sees individual improvement capacity in numerous locations. I can do it much better, claims the 25-year-old, I attempt to verify it daily and also always give one hundred percent when I am on the pitch. He wishes to include much more his video game, with and also without a sphere as well as in the duels-he talks this word as one of a few in German.

Otherwise, Phase talks about the high quality in English, due to the fact that of which he really desired to switch to the Bundesliga at all. When Stage then gets in the place once more, his main focus will at first be on to reveal every person that I am there to assist the group: I do the difficult job initially, only then does the great adjusting come.

Jens Stage came in the 39th min in a promising setting in the opposing charge area on the ball-hats the round took stopping working, the chance was g1. Stage still sees individual enhancement possibility in a number of areas. When Stage after that enters the area again, his major focus will originally be on to reveal everybody that I am there to aid the team: I do the difficult job first, only after that does the great adjusting come.

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