Warnecke: Esporters have metabolic processes such as high -performance athletes

What distinguishes the exporter from the right athlete, Mr. Warner?

In the international Olympic committee and in the DOSE, chess is recognized as a sport. I think eSport is even more sporty because the coordinate components are added to the brain in addition to work. As difficult for me as a classic Olympic athlete, I have to admit that eSport has all components of a classic high-performance sport. This cannot be devalued by saying: ‘They only sit in front of the screen.’ No, they bring everything. A gamer who trains more becomes cognitive and also better from his reflexes. There are more talented and unfamiliar players, and it has to be trained to get better. These are all facets from high-performance sports.

A common cliché is: Gamers are unsportsmanlike and feed unhealthy. However, a study recently suggested that exporters feed even better than the general population. She surprises?

I counter with another study. There was a study in which Olympic competitive athletes were compared to the normal population in their nutritional behavior and the diet was identical. So I am not surprised in this regard.

The simple sugar, which briefly cause an energy kick for the brain, are very negative, but it does not last long and then causes the opposite.

Mark Warner

A cliché is correct. The energy drink is often used. Does this make sense?

Jan. An energy drink would make sense if it aims to increase cognitive skills such as speed or coordination. But there are quantities of Maurine in normal drinks, but there are tons of caffeine, which is also contraindicated at some point. If you take an overdose of caffeine, you get cold, and it becomes shaky. You need a drink that increases the ability to concentrate, but not the classic energy drinks, which are unfortunately often consumed and are counterproductive. Above all, the simple sugar, which briefly cause an energy kick for the brain, are very negative, but it does not last long and then causes the opposite.

So what does it make to keep your body and above all minds awake?

That now depends on whom we are talking about. If someone makes normal eSport because they are in the mood for it, it is best to drink mineral water and not the limo with simple sugar. These drinks such as Cola, Fanta, Sprite are also responsible for many of our civilization diseases, which is why they are not recommended. The classic apple spritzer in welding loss does not need exporters either. Light, balanced meals as the basis are recommended here.

What to advise the professional exporter?

It needs complex carbohydrates, that is, carbohydrates that not only appear briefly such as dextrose (glucose, editor’s note). Medium-chain carbohydrates take longer and give the sugar more slowly. Our brain runs over glucose and that is the main nutrient for exporters. Of course, it shouldn’t get too much in your free time, because then it goes on your stomach. But when I play, the brain consumes glucose and must be supplied and fed accordingly. The brain should not always be pushed out. Therefore, the question of the right drink for the professional exporter is more complex.

Can I use a glucose when I fall into a performance hole during the competition?

If I still have 30 seconds ahead of me, it will bring something. I would absolutely not recommend the glucose as a longer booster. If a low performance happens to me in the game, I should take it as a teaching and better prepare myself next time. If necessary, sports gels can help with more complex carbohydrates.

How do I keep my brain running? Because here is a lot of energy burned. Can I influence the processes in the brain positively?

The easiest way is to first be careful to sit in a good environment so that the brain is supplied with oxygen. So at home should be ventilated regularly. Oxygen is the be-all and end-all. The glucose counts as an energy source for the brain. The brain could also feed on ketone bodies, but as a special case we leave out. Normally, it goes through glucose, i.e. sugar. I do not lead the brain to the brain via simple sugar such as cola. So I would only put short tips.

Stress is necessary so that you can get better performance.

Mark Warner

The ideal would be a good sports drink with maltodextrin and minerals. In this way, the body is also supplied with longer-chain carbohydrates, so that the exporters do not fall into a hole, and at the same time minerals are fed, which of course are important for cognitive. In the competition, the addition of amino acids, e.g. arginine, can also support the concentration performance in order to become better than normal.

Many gamers feel stress in competition. Are there strategies for this?

Mark Warner. Warning

In the end, the stress is also necessary so that you can get better performance. If the body runs in the sympathetic system and is tuned to fight, it also reacts faster because everything is better supplied with blood.

On the one hand, it is predisposition to the stress correctly, but you can also train it with a psychologist if you want to get better. Then the stress can be focused in such a way that more performance is brought. Stress is a natural activator that I can use. Of course, that can also tip over. When I get panic and get too high pulse that I will no longer react and will be stiff with fear.

If you also deal with it, you get a facet that we know from classic competitive sports if you also deal with it.

vitamin D deficiency could play a role in gamers because sport does not take place in the sun. What effects would that have?

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the population because the workplace is isolated from natural sunlight, so attention should be paid to the right level. A gamer must definitely pay attention to its vitamin D metabolism.

Vitamin D, which arises on the skin under sunlight, has a variety of functions in the body, for example for bone metabolism and the immune system. Due to the frequent defect, a substitution itself is also recommended by the German Nutrition Society.

Let’s name the deadly sins for gamers: chips? Fries? Meat?

Number 1: I don’t stick to what my body consumes and eat too much, become overweight and therefore overall carrier.

Number 2: I take short carbohydrates such as sugar, cola, energy drinks and try to play my games. That is just unclear.

Number 3: When I eat a greasy and massive meal before the game, I get tired and less reaction. You have to eat competitive if you want to do it right. The nutrition then looks just like a normal competitive athlete.

If you eat a large and fat meal, you get warm, you are starting to sweat, become sluggish and tired, you can no longer move and concentrate.

Mark Warner

We get into the race with a normal ‘zero level’. This means that we are neither hungry, full nor thirsty. We feel completely comfortable. It is important not to eat fiber and high-fat richness before the game because it would be difficult in the stomach. The food should be easy to digest.

Exporters must be fully concentrated. Imago/Billy

What happens in the body when my diet is too high?

When I eat too high, the body needs far too much energy to digest it. Everyone knows that: If you eat a really large and fat meal, you get warm, you are starting to sweat, get sluggish and tired, you can no longer move and concentrate. That should be avoided.

When should I eat the last time before the competition and what does it make up for?

This is actually individual and depends on what man tolerates. But it should be easier meals. Incidentally, a salad is not an easy meal. Of course, fruit and vegetables belong to nutrition and should always be there because of the micronutrients and vitamins. But lettuce shortly before the game is heavy in the stomach due to the fiber. Salad fed up, is digested and gives little energy.

In competitive sports, the pasta parties are happy to be done before a competition and there is something to be Mediterranean, slightly digestible food. So I pay attention to high-quality carbohydrates, a bit of protein and fat is also part of every meal. The circumstances have to be right. If I only eat a vegetable pot now, it may burden too much and give too little energy if I have to concentrate for a long time.

To be able to assert yourself, the exporters must be physically fit.

Mark Warner

What happens if I went into a competition sober?

This is exactly like the cyclist who will get a hunger at some point because the memory runs empty. This is difficult to imagine as a layperson, but when the players are under stress and go full throttle, they burn a lot of energy. The pulse strike is increased, they start to sweat, and fine-motored them are fully demanded. Anyone who has eaten nothing comes to hunger metabolism. The body only starts to reduce proteins and at some point fat, but that is not the point of how you should really go into a game.

Can I also consume too much sugar? What consequence would that have?

Yes. I get fat and get diabetes. That is the simple, striking answer. Too much sugar is converted into fat, and I have a high insulin release. That is why I always say that I don’t take a simple sugar that make a quick insulin rise because the sugar quickly goes into the cell, but also to push under sugar. Exporters have the same metabolic processes as high-performance athletes to take it seriously accordingly.

Tendonitis should be quite high in the violations of exporters. How can I prevent?

The tendons in the wrist are under extreme stress. Imago/Panama Pictures

Of course, these are overload symptoms that should be prevented. The Esports Player Foundation also makes a lot in this regard and is very holistic. On the one hand, physiotherapy is part of it and on the other hand physical training to be fit. At the same time, it is also a question of nutrition. I would recommend a very high-quality collagen hydrolyze to the exporters. We have had very good experiences with this when it comes to overload syndromes on ribbons and joints.

What risks do it carry for a long time?

Sitting long is a static thing. It is always good to change the position in between. Of course, a gamer is not that easy, because then his motor skills that he needs. Therefore, sitting for a long time should also be worked on with a sports program. To be able to assert yourself, the exporters must be physically fit.

It will be like then with Michael Schumacher, who brought a whole new fitness into Formula 1. The benchmark will also be put in the eSport by a physically and mentally fit gamer. If you are not physically fit, you can not call up your full level mentally, this is well known. Talent alone will no longer be sufficient in the future, which also brings professionalization with it.

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