Com2S Platform Hive, Web 3 Environmental Response… Blockchain function upward

Comes Holdings (CEO Lee Jong-un), a subsidiary of Comes Platform (CEO Song Jae-won), announced on the 30th that it will upgrade its all-in-one game platform ‘Hive’ to develop and operate web 3 games.

Hive added a standardized application interface (API) related to blockchain through upgrade. Hive for game development makes it easy to produce and operate web 3 games without expertise in blockchain.

The API provided by Hive can be used for all genres of web 3 games and can be flexibly applied according to the characteristics of each game. Representative functions are Mining, which generates nft, locks that make NFT unable to transmit or transmit to use in games, and unlocks that allow them to trade and transmit NFT freely, game goods and game goods Convert, which supports exchange of tokens.


According to the company, Hive is a platform that provides conditions for operation from game development, such as certification, payment, promotion, customer support, and analysis. The game contents are provided as a single software development kit (SDK) to provide game developers to save time and money and focus on game development.

analytics functions can be found at a glance of complex data such as sales by region, country, and items for each game. Hive, which was a platform for Com2uS Group, has been open to external game companies since June last year, and can be used conveniently by changing the homepage download method.

Meanwhile, Com2uS Group is building an PLA blockchain ecosystem with the goal of growing together with various content creators in the culture and art field.

Comes Holdings said, If developers use hives, the development of the development of web 3 games will not only make the barriers to development of the development of the development of the PLA, and it is expected to serve as a meeting for the expansion of the ecosystem.

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