Henry Cavill returns like Superman to DCEU

Although the DCE is in a complicated situation, with some of its actors they leave papers that many we believed we would see in multiple project, it seems that there is still a ray of hope to see Henry Cavill again as Superman. Although at the moment there is no official one, It seems that the British actor would interpret the steel man in black Adam .

According to Devin Barack, Insider of the film industry, Henry Cavill would not only have signed a contract to have a cameo during the black Adam, movie, but a new film starring Krypton’s last son would also be in development , and all thanks to Dwayne Johnson. This was what Barack commented:

The reason why Henry Cavill appears as Superman in Black Adam is because Dwayne Johnson [protagonist of the film] has demanded it. So much so that the actor was with Warner’s managers and insisted not only that he appears in his movie, but also signs a new agreement for a new feature film. All this thanks to the insistence of the rock.

For a long time, Johnson has expressed his desire to fight face to face with the Superman of Henry Cavill , and has pointed out that this will be something we will see in the future. However, so far we have not had official information from Warner Bros. or Henry Cavill that supports the statements of the former WWE.

Black Adam_ will arrive at theaters on October 20, 2022. On related issues, here we tell you who this character is.

Editor note :

Although the possibility of seeing Henry Cavill in Superman’s suit once again in a cameo during Zack Snyder does not direct this tape.

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