Game genome to the next broadcast Dark Soul to the special feature! Thorough analysis of the gold pagoda of the game in an interview with Mr. Hideko Miyazaki

NHK’s game culture program Game genome . In the next broadcast, Dark Souls ( Dark Soul ) will be featured.

Game genome is a cultural program that deepens the charm of masterpieces as a culture of games that have influenced the hearts of modern people. What is interesting and why can it be handed down… Based on a VTR that thoroughly analyzed the work, gorgeous and game-loving performers talk about the work.


Dark Soul, which is featured this time, is a highly difficult action RPG designed by From Software. Due to its high difficulty, it is described as a death game and is loved as a monitored work in the same genre.

In the special feature of Dark Soul, the big fans of the same work, Nova Crystal and former Japanese rugby representative Kenji Fukuoka will be guests. It is said that Mr. Tsubasa Honda will be thoroughly talked about as a moderator, including an email interview with producer and director, Hideaway Miyazaki.

The special feature of the game genome’s Dark Soul will be broadcast from 23:00 on October 26.

In addition, in the broadcast on October 19, Reversal Trial is featured, and NHK Plus has been overlooked for one week.

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