BVB | 1. FC Köln: Transfer from Anthony Modeste ends up in court

modification to 1. FC Cologne ends up in court

The plaintiff functions as a supposed ‘intermediary’ in the expert football location, in certain he brings parties together when ending gamer agreements, transfer agreements as well as participation agreements at clubs.

The return of today’s BVB specialist Anthony Modest to 1. FC Cologne nearly four years ago reasons anger and legal process again.

Inevitably, after some to and fro, the regard to the contract in the center Kingdom and the return to the sanctuary city reviewed the stage. The then second division group did not need to spend for the lost child.

Modeste’s motion to Cologne at the time now ensures vertebrae. As the Headache Article reports, a gamer asserts to have been included in the deal.

His club Tianjin Iranian did not satisfy settlement responsibilities, Modest said.

Accordingly, he does not require the honored sum of 360,000 euro-yedoch from Modest himself before the Klee district court.

The complainant asserts to pay a cost because of his claimed participation in the modification of a professional footballer from the very first Bundesliga from a Chinese club to 1. FC Cologne in November 2018, states the charge.

Rather, the accused is an additional consultant who was also associated with the transfer.

When Anthony Modest wished to sign up with 1. FC Cologne once again after around a year in China in late autumn 2018, also FIFA needed to transform on.

Anthony Modest eat BVB with air up

In the BVB jacket, Modest still has area for renovation: In 14 competitive ready the yellow and black, he only racked up two objectives and prepared one more objective.

The test is to be confessed on November 7th. Modest is not packed as a witness.

The current 34-year-old can focus totally on his ing jobs at Borussia Dortmund until the World Mug break.

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