An unknown Pokemon carrying coins is confirmed in Pokemon GO. Is it a new Pokemon that appears in the Pardea region?

A mysterious Pokémon was confirmed in the iOS/Android game application Pokémon GO by Pokémon Co., Ltd. and Ni antic. On SNS, a report by the players who found a mysterious Pokémon has been posted.

The Pokémon was confirmed on November 5 after the Mini BYU community day, which was held between 14:00 and 17:00. Suddenly, a golden pocket stop appeared on the map, where you can get an item called ?????? Coin. When you get a coin at the pocket stop, a mysterious Pokémon comes after the player. The mysterious Pokémon gives a tactile-like thing on his head, and has something on his back to walk bipedal. Probably, what you carry on your back is to guess from the appearance? ? ? ? ? ? Coin.

The name of this mysterious Pokémon is not clear. It appears on the field, but cannot be captured. Did it lead to the discovery of this Pokémon? ? ? ? ? ? Looking at the explanation of coins, this coin is derived from the Area region. The new Pokémon carrying this coin may be a Pokémon that lives in the Area region, a new Pokémon that appears in the Pokémon Scarlet Violet.

By the way, the user has rumored that this Pokémon was glanced at the video of Pokémon Scarlet Violet released on October 6. The Jump Into A Pal dean Journey | Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, which was released overseas, is partially reflected in this new Pokémon.

The problem is around 9 minutes 34 seconds in the video, where the Upper in the Area region is reflected. Although it is a part that introduces the shooting function in the game, there is a Pokémon that is not familiar with the left side of the screen and the back of the key operation guide. If you look closely, it is similar to the mysterious Pokémon discovered in Pokémon GO this time.

There was also a case where the latest new Pokémon appeared ahead of Pokémon GO. Nat Pokémon’s Melton was unveiled in a large amount (as a megaton) after the community day in Pokémon GO. Later, with the release of Pocket Monster Let’s Go! Pikachu Let’s Go! Levee, it was officially appeared and could be transferred to the same work. For this reason, the mysterious Pokémon confirmed today is likely to be a new Pokémon that appears in Pokémon Scarlet Violet.

[Update 2022/11/5 22:02]
Added about Melton

It is unknown how long the mysterious Pokémon can be confirmed. ? ? ? ? ? ? Coins may be used later for something. Interested players should check the Poke stop and mysterious Pokémon as soon as possible.

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