Creeper is also a friend! ? Action Strategy Minecraft Legends Demo Play Video with Japanese Subtitles

MOVING has released a demo play video with Japanese subtitles of the action strategy Minecraft Legends , which is a spin-off of Minecraft.


The video of MINECRAFT LIVE 2022, which was held in October, was already distributed overseas, but this time it was released to the country on the Japanese official YouTube channel with Japanese subtitles.

In the first half, we will introduce this work jointly developed with Blackbird Interactive, and how the developers work on how to make a spin-off of popular works and the beautiful world that will be the stage of the story. In addition, there is plenty of information such as the early stage of Violin, which appears as a villain, a mob who is a nostalgic for the hero, and host that helps players.

In the latter half, he introduced how he is actually playing the game. Being able to ride a new mob Legal Tiger, gathering mobs with Payment of Fate, Fate of Fate, Flag of Courage, Array, resources gathering and architecture, Speed Weed. High-speed movement, bounce cap jumping, random generated world, chests found during search, and fights led by mobs such as creepers created in spores, and elements that can be enjoyed in this work. It is explained in play.

Especially in battles, you can watch videos of the system unique to this work, such as the strategic nature of constructing the tower and gradually capturing enemy bases, and team play elements that hand over the mobs led by players.

Minecraft Legends will be released in the spring of 2023 for PS5/ PS4/ Xbox Series X | S/ Xbox One/ Nintendo Switch/ Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store). It also supports Xbox/PC Game Pass.

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