Turtle Beach Gas Double Controller Billing Terminal: Ladestation für Xbox Series X.

The Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station includes two rechargeable battery packs, the Xbox Wireless Controller for the Xbox Collection X | S reliably supply energy for greater than 22 hours. The billing terminal holds two such controllers, while the headset stand ensures that a stealth 600 Gen 2 Max or an additional headset from Turtle Beach is constantly within reach.

The Fuel Double Controller Billing Station and also the headset represent Xbox will be available from December 12, 2022. From now on, players can pre-order both products at www.turtlebeach.com and for participating stores for a RRP of 34.99 euros.

At the beginning of this week we entered a new item group with the discussion of our Fuel Virtual Reality Chargers-and with our Fuel Double Controller Charging Terminal, which is officially accredited for the Xbox, we are already expanding the Fuel household by an additional product, states Jürgen Stark, Chairman and CEO of the Turtle Coastline Corporation. In view of the players’ thrill to the current Telephone call of Responsibility and other video games that begin the market for the holidays, it is very important for gamers to charge their video gaming equipment and also keep it ready for use. The Gas Twin Charger provides the Xbox controllers with electrical power as well as assists to maintain your very own video gaming area tidy, as it houses 2 controllers as well as a headset when they are not required.

The pc gaming devices producer Turtle Coastline today offered the new Fuel Dual Controller Charging Station with Headset Stand. The Made for Xbox billing station is the second billing terminal product with which the company is increasing into new markets after the Gas Compact Virtual Reality Charging Terminal for Meta Pursuit 2 presented last Monday.

  • Pre-order Turtle Beach Gas Dual Controller Billing Station from Amazon-34.99 euros

The attributes of the Fuel Dual Controller Billing Terminal by Turtle Beach:

At the beginning of this week we obtained into a new product category with the presentation of our Fuel VR Chargers-and with our Gas Double Controller Billing Terminal, which is officially certified for the Xbox, we are already broadening the Gas household by one more product, says Jürgen Stark, Chairman and CEO of the Turtle Beach Firm. In sight of the gamers’ thrill to the most recent Call of Task and other video games that come on the market for the holidays, it is important for players to charge their pc gaming devices and keep it ready for usage. The stand is not attached to the billing terminal, so that gamers can place it in different means and in various areas.

  • Lasting battery life: Both battery packs each provide an outstanding regard to greater than 22 hrs and make environmental-harmful non-reusable batteries superfluous.
  • Comfy charging: Basic drop-and-charge calls ensure a trustworthy power supply. The clear battery level sign makes it easy to watch on the state of loading.
  • Headset stand consisted of: similar to the controller, a turtle coastline or other headset can be maintained almost. The stand is not linked to the charging terminal, to ensure that gamers can place it in different methods and in different areas. The headset depended on no headsets as well as only serves for storage.
  • Compact floor space: players can bill up to two Xbox wireless controllers at the same time. There is just a little space z. B. utilized on a work desk or within a gaming setup.
  • USB-C: The supplied USB-C wire has the best size with one meter to dependably pack as well as maintain your very own setup correctly.

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