Mangaka Kentaro Sato demands Elon Musk 1000 million dollars for using his drawing without permission

Mr. Elon Musk does not give 1. And maybe it h always been like that, only before we did not find out and now put the leg in the eyes of everyone to be present day, day too, in one of the largest imaginable speakers, Twitter, its lt, controversial, controversial and Richard acquisition.

Twitter h become Mordor


And is that the one that is Linda on Twitter is of an order. expected (although it seems that the only one who did not know what w going to lite w Musk itself), the loss of value a symbol of authenticity that w the blue verification Marquita h put all legs up on the social network.

Not only do we talk about more or less fortunate jokes like the ones we commented on the other day, it is that directly, the sup plantation of certain size companies is making losing billions of dollars . And it is anyone to spend $8, put on the verification seam in a false account, and with a single tweet make them fall apart in the pharmaceutical stock or arms manufacturers.

It is more than possible to begin to rain demands to Musk before the magnitude of the problem. Meanwhile, the tycoon is dedicated to making jokes that only seem to have fun. It w the ce at hand. When publishing a meme on Twitter with a characteristic drawing of Magical Girl Site , its author, Ken taro NATO , retweet it with the following message:

Elon Musk, the new Twitter CEO, h put an image of mine on Twitter without permission, so plee give me one billion for the use rate. In dollars.

The Managua, neither short nor lazy, h taken the opportunity to advertise his work in the posterior thread. it is very rare for your demand to prosper, nothing better than getting some yen sell your work. For the rest, the world lies without knowing what Elon Musk will LIA the next day. A without living this, hear.

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