Ibai does not go on Twitch at the moment, but the clickbait tells you that it will do so


Despite its enormous economic and social impact, Twitch is increasing Arrival of Pandemia. That is why some of his stars have considered leaving the purple platform to move on to his most direct rival: YouTube.

And we repeat it, we say considering because it is what many streamers are doing, as is the case of IAI. The Basque star has commented these days that it has already made its decision about what its streaming platform will be for the next few years, although it has said it will not announce it to hype and saucer, and it will be natural. Everything indicates that he will continue on Twitch, but who knows if he passes the other side for production improvements.

However, this decision is not yet announced, and many media have already assumed that you go to YouTube when reality is not that.

The problem of doing the clickbait badly

The problem of the confidential article is not the head of the news itself, which does not have a headline because it is what it is. The problem comes in the tweet where this news is communicated in which it directly gives the Basque streamer will leave the purple platform to go to YouTube, which is not true. Even IAI himself mentioned the tweet as a joke commenting that some already knew their decision without even thinking about it before.

Because in the end, clickbait is not bad if it is thrown in a healthy way. It is not the same to say that someone leaves Twitch and then entering the news and seeing that you are wrong, that saying that someone is considering the options to broadcast live, which is something that streamer himself has commented in his live and not It is no lie.

But it is not only this, but they also say things about Twitch that are totally false, such as the prime is worth more than a normal subscription and the streamer stays entirely with all the money, when in reality it stays with half. And this is where, we repeat, eradicates the big problem: speaking without knowing. Or if you don’t know what you are talking about at least inform yourself when doing the news and, if you have been wrong, try to change or warn readers’ error.

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