Bale counters Weah USA missed the opening triumph versus Wales

United States coach Gregg Hereafter’s team, in which four former Bundesliga experts were considered, at first got better into the video game. Ex-Dortmund Politic was permitted to attempt a resting ball twice, however neither a complimentary kick (3rd) nor a corner (5th) he brought cleanly in front of the objective. However, more than unrestrained information campaigns did not jump out, the team from Rob Page was restricted to safeguarding and pulling their defensive playground in front of a five-defense chain and 3 central midfielders, James and Bale were supposed to take care of worries.


So the Americans were allowed to take over the video game design and besiege the opposing half. It was tough to get through, however then it was twice harmful for goalkeeper Hennessy. After Wear’s flank, Wales defender Codon just inspected his goalkeeper, who was able to parry with a strong reflex, then extremer coffin failed in the 2nd effort just on the left objective (9th).

Wales stands compact-US-counter breaks the spell

Timothy Wear scored the lead with the ideal exterior. Imago/Elmer/Team Image

The choice from Wales was also dissatisfied in the deficit. Neither pace nor gleaming concepts needed to use the dragons. The US team went into the break with a deserved lead.

After half an hour, the Welsh then dared a little from their cover and immediately penalized. The Americans dominated the ball in their own half, after Mush’s open steep pass, Sargent tightened up the ball and took Politic with him. He stuck it out between the unsorted back team and discovered Wear. The striker of the OSC Lille crossed and conquered with the right beyond Hennessy fine hit (36th).

After that, the defensive was tight again. Thick that the patient covering fairy only came back in the penalty location more than ten minutes after the double possibility. The team did not reward himself for his determination (22nd) since the left protector promised the ball after strong dribbling.

Page-Elf comes more active from the pause gymnast should intervene twice

Wales originated from the Wales with a change (1.96-meter-g one Moore came for the unobtrusive James) and substantially more delight of playing. The game was now much more open, compulsory on the equalizer, but likewise did not push Bale and Co. at the start of the 2nd round. It was only after an hour that the Welshers were able to get a little around the penalty area, after a complimentary kick it was twice dangerous for the United States keeper Turner. The goalkeeper of FC Arsenal had the ability to guide a header from Davies with an excellent reflex over the crossbar (64th), the subsequent corner barely set bog over (66. ).

Formerly, objective scorer Wear had actually caused threat on the other side with a lot of summaries, Roberts was simply so pacifying his change of sides on Politic (62. ). Cover farmers understood that his team got a little stumbling down and brought Aaron son for McKenzie (66. ), then Berlin, Acosta and Wright (74.) came. The small uncertainties remained and helped wales to balance.

Bale hits the point

US coach Gregg Hereafter’s team, in which four previous Bundesliga specialists were taken into account, initially got much better into the video game. More than uncontrolled explanation campaigns did not leap out, the group from Rob Page was restricted to safeguarding and pulling their defensive playground in front of a five-defense chain and three central midfielders, James and Bale were supposed to take care of worries.

Both teams wished to win the game for themselves in the last phase, the Americans almost turned into the all-or-not mode and were lucky that neither Ramsey (88.) nor Johnson (89.) made their counterattacks, Turner was there twice.

Due to the fact that the left defender guaranteed the ball after strong dribbling, the team did not reward himself for his perseverance (22nd).

In case of a long throw-in from the right, Ramsey was permitted to move into the penalty area, at his cross in the middle, Zimmerman came versus Bale too late and brought the previous Real Madrid star Unrest (82nd). The captain changed the due penalty, his tight left-wing shot into the best upper corner was not to be held for Turner (84. ).

On the 2nd match day, the Americans now fulfill England (Friday, 8 p.m.). Wales is already in use 9 hours previously, the duel with Iran is waiting.

There were nine minutes in the end, however none of the 2 groups could put the Lucky Punch anymore. Since Acosta stopped the Bale, which was currently stuck to Fortunate Punch, with a nasty, after a too brief explanation of Turner. The subsequent complimentary kick brought no risk and so it ended up with the division of points, about which the long, but not mandatory Americans will be frustrated.

The US group went into the break with a deserved lead.

There were 9 minutes in the end, but none of the 2 teams could put the Fortunate Punch anymore.

Moments before payment: penalty shooter Gareth Bale. Imago/pa images

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