Where to catch drips in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Dry pi will almost certainly become that many coaches will look for Pale in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, as he evolves in an evil dragnet. Whether it is a competition or just a victory in the game, who does not want an incredibly quick ghost / dragon with many moves? However, it is difficult to catch drips, and you may need a lot of searches to find it.

where to find drips in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Despite the fact that it is difficult to find, the drips actually have many habitats in which he can appear throughout Pale. In the southern, eastern, northern and western provinces there are many places where drips can really appear.

The problem is that this is incredibly low SPAIN. The coaches probably will have to walk around these areas for some time before they see drips. We found one in the eastern province of Zapping, but it was after a couple of hours of study.


If one of the coaches is simply looking for a good dragon, the best place to search will probably be at the top of the mountain in the southern province, the fifth z1. Even if the coaches do not see drip here, there are many other dragons such as Swabia (which evolves into Alt aria), Wagon and even ANX.

As an alternative, if the coaches have a swimming function on the Wooden or Myrmidon, they can jump from the mountain and search the lake right below. We found two drips, making a couple of circles around the lake.

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