Results of the two -year objective statement procedure exist


In many voluntary work hours and various workshops and dates, the broadest possible spectrum of opinions and interests should be acquired in order to accomplish a consistent outcome. And the outcomes of this long process want to provide the members of the PRPJektgruppe on December 7 at an online event in order to coordinate it at the basic meeting in January 2023. The link to the online occasion will be revealed in great time.

As part of the general meeting in January 2020, club president Christoph Stressed stated that the development of an objective statement-the first in the 114-year club history-should be promoted. And even if Coronapandemie and the sporting descent then overlaid everyday football life, the course for the enthusiastic task was embedded in the background.

In mid-November 2020, the job group introduced itself, with the kick-off occasion on December 3, 2020, the objective declaration procedure finally began. Now, nearly to the day exactly 2 years later on, the club management, the standards, worth and objectives should be specified on which those who appear in the name of SC Prussia M√ľnster are to be oriented-from the fan, over the fan Workers as much as the authorities.

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