Hogwarts Legacy: A new video of the game shows us three surprising details

Hogwarts Legacy again delight this week with a new special video with the arrival of autumn and as ASMR, since only the sounds that project these areas and landscapes are heard. After the spring and summer editions, which revealed some interesting details about Hogsmeade and the black lake here is the edition of this time of the year in which the leaves fall on the roads of Hogwarts. Without further delay, here are all the information you need to know about this trailer.

Autumn and haunted house?

In this 20-minute video, it is possible to discover Hogwarts and its surroundings in full autumn season and, as usual, we will decipher each scene so that you check if there is any secret that the creators of the game had well stored.


The first sequence leads us to a quite sinister town far from school. We can see that the handles of the doors of the houses are activate (green glow) and that we can therefore visit them. There is also a teleport point, which can mean that the place is an important passage z1. It is possible that it is the house of the screams, but it does not look much like what we have seen in the movies.

The second scene shows us how the graphics work with the wind on the grass and the branches of the trees. If the ear tuned, you can listen to the song of the birds and especially the poisonous fungi jumping to the edge of the forbidden forest. These are often used to make potions.

You can also see a huge web, synonymous with that there are acromántulas in the area.

Magic forge and dungeon

The third sequence takes us to a field away from Hogwarts. There is a kind of outdoor forge in which a magical peak is dedicated to collecting mineral.

The fourth scene is a simple landscape that reveals a still unknown side of Hogwarts with a small door that allows you to cross the wall. We hear frogs and therefore suspect the presence of a pond.

The fifth scene is much more interesting since it sends us directly outside a dungeon. Wanderings surely indicate what faction it should be. The Goblins are probably preparing their revolt here.

Ruins and Halloween

The next sequence reveals distant ruins without much particularity. We hope they hide at least one or two chests that can only be opened once the enemies have been defeated.

Who says autumn, says Halloween. The seventh scene reveals wheat fields and pumpkins with the town of Hogsmeade to the bottom. We do not know where the limits of the open world are, but if the mountains you see to the right are deplorable, the game will have kilometers and kilometers to explore and travel.

The last scene takes us through a stone path that leads directly to another town. The possibilities seem infinite, but from the last gameplay, some fans may have felt that the game is quite empty. However, if the main objective is to make people discover Hogwarts and their surroundings in a way that Potter heads have never had the opportunity to do, the bet seems to be successful.

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