How to defeat the demonomist in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

The demonkhost is one of several unique bosses that players may face during missions in Dark tide. Demonkhosts appear only in certain missions during the dimming-and-which is also called interruption. During the event, the whole card will be almost in complete darkness and is poorly visible. Players should also deal with random battles with bosses, where they should expel the demon, but it may be difficult to deal with the demon hist. Here’s how to defeat the economist at Warhammer 40k Dark tide.

Guide for Warhammer 40k Dark tide Boss-How to win a demon

If you want to defeat the boss of the Democratic during the darkening mission, you must inflict damage to him until it disappears about four times. It is quite easy to damage the boss, since all you need to do is focus on it with the rest of your team, but it will not be enough to concentrate fire on the boss. Of course, if you inflict enough damage to the boss, they will ultimately disappear, but this will not help at least one or two of your comrades on the command to survive in the battle.

In short, when players face the demon, one of the four players receives the target and quickly kill, because the boss will ruthlessly attack with quick attacks causing heavy damage. The demonkhost will continue the attack until one player is defeated, which in most cases occurs quite quickly. Therefore, you should have at least one class of a cranial in your team with the equipped Slab Shield. A player who is a cherry must use the unique protective ability that Slab Shield has.

Unique protective ability allows blocking almost all the damage until their endurance is full. Nevertheless, if you want to defeat to demonstrate in Dark tide, use the ability of the slab shield to block almost all the damage from the demons while your friends focus on it.

But before using this method, we recommend that you be in a full detachment or play at least three friends, since the command work will be required to implement this method. You can also solo with the boss using this method, if you belong to the Skull breaker class, just use the intrastate chat to inform your teammates that you want to tank Demon host.

How to get a slab in Warhammer 40k Dark tide

To get Slab Shield at Warhammer 40k Dark tide, you must first unlock it by reaching the level of confidence in the 11th grade of Grin Chapel. At about the 11th level in the level of trust in the system of trust, the slab shield will begin to appear in the weapons exchange for a different amount of intrastate money.


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