LOL: Belveth Ap? Player makes Pentakill using skill power items

Usually, the most commonly used items compositions for League of Legends champion Be’veto are those focused on AD attack damage.

With over 53% victory rate in over 42,000 games, the destroyed king’s legendary sword item is the most used when the champion is playing in the jungle.
Already in play mode ARM, where there is a 5×5 in a ‘single route’, players also prefer to use items with AD: the mythical item Fast-track has a victory rate of more than 54% in this mode, being followed by
Sword item of the destroyed king.
There is an option, however, which is the favorite of some players who prefer not to follow the trivial order of the champion’s skills and ‘Up’ first W, above and below.
This ability, in turn, inflicts magical damage and slowness to enemies affected by the character’s tail.

Entails at 3 minutes

A Reddit user tested this build in an Arm match and got a Entails before the five-minute game.
In his build, he had only the explosive wand items, hex tech alternator and demonic codex.


As you can see in the video above, the user gets a entails practically solo abusing the combination of their skills;
W, however, already has three active points.
This skill has 125% scale for skill power, AP, which means that the player can quietly maximize this power and turn it into a Poke champion.
A user stressed, however, that rivals must have different HP levels, so that it facilitates the eliminations until it reaches the toughest user with greater true damage was the case of One, which was eliminated after two ultimate.
Still in the comments, Rioter Riot August, which is quite active in the virtual community of the game, commented enthusiastically that the built ‘finally happened’.
Even with Be’veto’s AP demonstration without even completing an item, some players remain skeptical about their real utility.
Users have commented that this build is not very useful in higher links, due to the fact that it is necessary to rely completely on good ultimate and, according to players, predicting champion initiations at higher levels is easier.
Build, however, seems to be quite fun to use in more casual matches and can be an option for those players who like a composition full of wizard items.

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