Big Coach, Big Heart: Thomas Tuchels Kind Gesture Saved His Cleaning Lady

Ever felt as if you had no time for the people in your life who deserve it most? Well, you’re not al1. It’s only when life gets really busy that we start to realize how much we’ve neglected the important relationships in our lives. Luckily, there are compassionate people like Thomas Tuchel, and he proves that sometimes one act of kindness can make all the difference.

Throughout his time in Paris, Thomas Tuchel learned more about an emergency in his maid’s family.
He helped immediately-not simply once.
During his time as a coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Thomas Tuchel ought to have earned a couple of million euros a year between July 2018 and December 2020.
The fact that he used this money to treat himself to the stunning things in life should be clear and a matter of course for him.
However, two generous gestures of the German coach were not quite as natural, of which ESPN learned from the club’s surroundings.
The Tunnels used a maid in their home in Hauts-deeee, who originated from the Philippines.


Far, so typical for somebody who can manage it.
Nevertheless, Tunnel’s response was remarkable when his other half Sissy told him one day that the maid had liked to do overtime.
The reason: she wished to make more cash to have her kid, who had to battle with heart problems.

Tunnel instantly consented to cover the expenses for lodging in the operation and the health center.
And that was not all: When Tunnel was surprisingly released in December 2020, it was clear to him that he would also bid farewell to the house in the west of Paris.
He had a long conversation with the maid and likewise asked her what her dreams were for the future.
The lady told the fitness instructor about her dream, in her house nation, the Philippines, to own her own home.
Tunnel then personally took care of it and gave her precisely what she had actually wished for a brief time later.
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2 big gestures with cash that he probably could not have placed on much better.

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