FENS Play-In 2023: German start successful in a tight group

No one likes to start off with a loss, but it’s always nice when you can bounce back after the first couple games. The German team of FENS was able to do that today against Italy, which qualified them for their first ever FIFA Nations Series (FENS) launch-in game in 2023.

With debutant Levy Finn ‘Levying’ Rick, the DFB group began the Objective Credentials for the FIFA Nations Cup 2023-die World Champion.
In the playing, the DFB group dueled with Sweden, Scotland, Italy and Kazakhstan.
The objective: after 3 games weeks, among the two finest groups in the department are.
Then the mandrel group would be received the next step, the play-offs.
The start continues to let this dream open-the circumstance in the group is currently heading after the very first match day.


While Kazakhstan is last with zero counters, just two points separate the first from the fourth.

missed out on opportunities of setting up

Sweden entered the best position.
The Scandinavians defied and attract the very first game of Germany and clearly won versus Kazakhstan and Italy.
As soon as tie in between versus Scotland also led to this close constellation, a.
Since both Sweden and Germany missed the possibility to break away.
After the point win for the DFB selection, two triumphs over Kazakhstan and Scotland followed.
The German group did not find an effective everyday end.
Again it was Italy that gave the Germans a sensitive defeat.
It was 3: 0 after 90 In game minutes.
A Déjà vu: The Italian choice Germany had the ability to clearly beat the FIFA Nations Cup.
Among the suffering, the other Freud: through the three points, Italy kept the connection.

Italy attracts the sling with the triumph

Only a victory about Kazakhstan, two beats against Scotland and Sweden.
Another slip would have made the false start of the Italians best.
Through the success over Germany, the loop of the group suffered.
In the second match day tomorrow, Sweden is the first to start with eight points.
Germany and Scotland lurk with 7 points.
Due to the direct contrast, UMT and Co. remain in front of the Scots.
Italy increased from 3 to 6 points and is fourth.
Kazakhstan threatens to relegate in department after the very first match day 2. There Romania is a prospect for the ascent.
With four victories, they managed a perfect start.

Bulgaria is currently 2nd with six points.

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