Manuel Neuers Replacement: 6 World Cup Heroes Who Could Replace Germanys Injured Keeper

If you’ve watched the World Cup so far, you’ll have noticed that Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is injured. If he doesn’t recover in time for the final, it’ll be a brutal blow to the team’s chances.

The list of possible replacement prospects for Manuel Neuer is getting longer.
After speculation about Croatia’s Dominik Ivanovich, the name of another World Cup hero is now tossed into the ring that needs to be really popular with Bavaria.
According to information from the Munich TZ, FC Bayern Munich handles a dedication of Croatia’s national goalkeeper Dominik Ivanovich and among Morocco goalkeeper Bono after the failure of Captain Manuel Neuer.
Ivanovich is under contract with Dynamo Zagreb up until 2024, the 31-year-old Bono at FC Seville by 2025.
The Moroccan reflects on eventful and unstable days: On the planet Cup finals, he started as number 2 behind goalkeeper Muir, however was then as surprising as at short notification by nationwide coach Valid Regroup for the 2nd group video game against Croatia (0-0) in the starting eleven
With strong efficiency, he then led the North Africans to triumph against Belgium (2: 1) and to the knockout successes versus Spain (3: 0 i. E.) and Portugal (1: 0).
Bono was for that reason critical in the historic semi-finals of his country.

Why was he SKIING?!

It was just in the duel against France (0: 2) that the Moroccans have a high, which now have the possibility in third location against the Netherlands.

Bono for 10 years in Spain in the house

Whether the knowledgeable goalkeeper has in fact come into the focus of FC Bayern can be questioned.
After the month-long failure of Manuel Neuer, more obvious appears that the Munich residents depend on the internal service with replacement guy Sven Ulrich.

In addition, the Bayern managers are considering a return from Alexander Nobel, who is awarded to AS Monaco till completion of the season.
Questionable whether FC Seville would provide its stammer goalkeeper in the middle of the season.
The goalkeeper born in Canada has been playing in Spain considering that 2012, where he was at first under contract with Topple Atl├ętico Madrid and after that used a loan for FC Girona.
According to Build, a transfer from Croatia’s Dominik Ivanovich to FC Bayern is likewise doubtful.
According to the transfer professional Fabricio Romano, the 27-year-old has other alternatives for a change anyway after the strong World Cup.

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