Werder Bremen: Six Games Through The Christmas Holidays

What a tough schedule to follow, eh? The last two years they were the Bundesliga champions. This year they’re struggling in the table, sitting just above the relegation zone and battling with teams like Hamburg and Stuttgart for their lives.

The weekend is free after SV Welder Bremen had the ability to win a first test video game during winter preparation that had actually been running for ten days against third division club SV Happen on Thursday.


Coach Ole Werner was fundamentally satisfied, with the 2nd half of the video game more than with the first than the Bundesliga club then brought in an increased decision, a better room layout and more depth and speed.

until Christmas it goes appropriately to the matter

However, the 34-year-old also described the worn out legs, who definitely played a function in the video game.
Since the physical structures, as Werner states, lay the Welder experts on the Easter dike at home nowadays.
In the coming week, 6 units must go to the matter once again, according to the coach, with a high level of intensity, we desire to go through until Christmas- then another break will be taken until the start of the training school on January 2.
For the time in between the years, however, the experts also get a program that they have to complete in the house.

World Cup drivers get on in Spain

In Murcia in Spanish, where the Werder-Tross will be for a week and where it needs to be a bit warmer, as Werner discusses, it has to do with tactical things.
You likewise have more time to describe something on the square. Here in Bremen you need to see that you don’t freeze and always stay in motion, the trainer describes the preparation split: That is why we hold off these subjects to Spain.
The team was complete again;
The World Cup drivers Nicolas Fuller and Milos Veljkovic just return to the brand-new year after prolonged trip.
In Spain, the Bremen played two test video games: on January 4 against 2nd division FC St. Pauli and on January 8th versus a very first department team from Switzerland, FC St. Gallen.
As the last gown wedding rehearsal before the Bundesliga begin on January 21 at 1. FC Cologne (6.30 p.m.), Welder will be able to get away with league competitor FC Schalke 04 on January 14th.

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