Semir Telalovic: Late Developer with Goal Instinct

Late developers, who start playing soccer at an older age, are more likely to succeed in the sport. That’s according to a new study from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Football is a hugely popular sport in Norway, and it seems there’s even better news for those who take their time before diving into it.

The conditions at Russia are totally different from at my previous stations, for example, you can already see that in the weight room. In addition, we also train two times a day in the U 23. Perhaps I’m a kind of late developer, says Tlaloc about himself. In my youth I played on the wing. I like to be included in the game, often let myself fall into the 10s position and often act as an incorrect 9.

Football is a fast-moving business.
This is exemplary at the profession of Semi Tlaloc.
The most effective goalscorer of the U 23 of Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Regionally West was still in the sixth-class association league for SSV Ehingen-Süd in his hometown on the ball.
This January for the children of the Fallen, in which Tlaloc now wants to advise itself for the professional squad.
The environment is the biggest difference, states the 22-year-old in a discussion.
The conditions at Russia are entirely different from at my previous stations, for instance, you can already see that in the weight space. In addition, we also train two times a day in the U 23. Considering that I had the ability to get used to FM Illertissen rapidly and well, I am
The task at Russia also addressed with confidence.
Tlaloc had played in the note pads of the Bavarian fourth division in the 2020/2021 season.
He persuaded those responsible with 9 objectives in 16 competitive video games as much as the break-down because of the corona pandemic.
And the German-Bosnier also demonstrated two play classes with 15 goals in 23 regional league video games.
Till then, the 1.87 meter high enemy had not observed a professional club, and he never ever went through a youth efficiency.
Perhaps I’m a kind of late developer, states Tlaloc about himself. In my youth I played on the wing. Then I grew a lot in a reasonably brief time.
His course led to the storm center, where he can still play his existing pace.
Regardless of my height, I am not a striker who is only prowling in the charge area. I like to be involved in the video game, in some cases let myself fall under the tens position and sometimes act as a wrong nine. With my speed, I can then advance well into the spaces.
The development in the fourth division rapidly caused interest in other clubs.
Practically a year ago, after his completed training as an electronics engineer for automation technology of the U 23 from Borussia Mönchengladbach, Tlaloc was granted the agreement because he had the very best conversations with the then NLZ manager and existing sports director Roland Virus.

We think aggressively and brave.
We do not neglect our staying defense

Semi Tlaloc
The decision paid off, it is working out for Tlaloc: in the 2nd half series of the previous season, he contributed 6 objectives and two design templates in 18 video games (1,536 minutes of play).
And with presently ten goals and six assists, he has already doubled his scorer worth in this round with a little less season (1 515).
I would have signed the balance sheet immediately prior to the season. Just as we appear in football, but a lot more goal involvements would have been possible, discusses Tlaloc.
With just two objectives behind Sven Rear (Roadway Oberhausen) and Gerrit Revamp (Prussia Münster), he had an eye on the goalscorer cannon.


With his colleagues, the striker surprisingly took 2nd place in the table with eight points behind the leaders of Münster.
We think aggressively and bravely appear. We do not neglect our remaining defense, he explains the strengths of the team.
We like to have control and let the ball run. Coach Eugen Polanski gave us the first training session.
As an example of the will and greed of the U 23, he leads the past 5: 0 against 1. FC Duran.
Even after the 4th and third objective, we wanted more.
It might soon go higher for Semi Tlaloc.
After completing his very first system with the specialists a couple of weeks back, he can initially reveal himself again up until the turn of the year in the training of the Bundesliga squad under primary coach Daniel Fake.
Young experts like Conor Not, with whom he is also on the pitch frequently on the U 23, or Rocco Rate assisted me to cope rapidly.
And privately, the enemy has now likewise got to the Lower Rhine, has actually now found an apartment only not far from the stadium.
Exist any operations in the professional venue soon?
Obviously you wish for that a little, stated Tlaloc.
I wish to perform my efficiency in training and the U 23. You will see whatever else.

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