The s: Who Is In And Who Has Made It Into The Contingent?

The argentina national football team won the World Cup 2018 in Russia and is thus already qualified for the next world championship in 2022. This means that eleven of the 24 berths for the elf (the last tournament was played with 32 teams) are reserved for the Argentinians.

For FC Bayern, the 2022 World Cup was not precisely as preferred, but other Bundesliga clubs can look forward to strengthened and sure of oneself returnees.
This likewise consists of RB Leipzig, who knows a freshly baked World Cup medalist in his ranks in Joke Guardiola in the future.
The 20-year-old main protector was among the top performers of the Croatian national team, who secured third place on Saturday with a 2-1 win versus Morocco.
Guardiola was not only one of the very best defenders in Qatar and the only Bundesliga legionnaire in view of its -note cut of 3.07.
For the, this is the leading eleven of the tournament (click the image series):.
Naturally, this is led by the brand-new world champ Argentina, who is represented with 4 lead characters.
Lionel Messi, who came to a grade of 1.5 or much better in the spectacular last against France (4: 2 I.E.) for the fourth time at this tournament and therefore established among lots of new records, was also the very best player for FIFA.
Of the tournament.
According to notes, Messi (average grade 1.79) was only the 2nd best: World Cup goalkeeper Kylian Mbappé, who met three times on Sunday and transformed safely at the start of the charge shootout, defeated all other stars with an average of 1.75.
In addition to the assailant, two more Frenchmen made it into the leading eleven of the.
An overall of 4 countries become part of the choice.

In addition to the finalists and Croatia, the World Cup 4th Morocco is likewise represented two times, which no one anticipated before the competition.
Others had to let Messi, Mbappé, Guardiola & Co. lead the lead regardless of strong note cuts.


Portugal’s defense routine Pepe (2.63) or Brazil’s clearer Casimir (2.25) did not make the leap simply as much as world champion Nicolas Amend (3.14) or Pipes Landsman Bruno Fernandes (2.13).

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