Germanys World Cup Team: The Journey From Group Stage To Final

It has been a long journey for the German World Cup team, from the Group Stage to the Final. In this article, we’ll take a look at the highs and lows of the German football team’s journey to Qatar, as well as how they managed to reach the final with their hard work and determination. So if you’re a fan of soccer and Germany, then read on!

One of the probably amazing finals in the history of World Championships so far ended 4-2 in charge shootout for Argentina on Sunday, the player of the Lionel Messi competition lastly fulfilled the dream that he was long-awaited and raised the World Cup.
In Germany, versus which La Pulley was defeated in the last in 2014, numerous football fans did not appear to miss the last.
ARD released this highlight.
According to the public broadcaster, 13.86 million people saw the exchange of blows between Argentina and France.

Hence, the 4: 2 I. E. The most viewed encounter from the German perspective stays the last group video game of the German nationwide group against Costa Rica (4: 2).
According to the very first, the last reached a market share of 53.6 percent.

interest compared to the 2018 World Cup low

Compared to previous competitions, interest in the World Cup in Qatar stayed low.


At the 2018 World Cup in Russia there were 20 transmissions with more than ten million TV audiences.
At the competition in Qatar there were just 4.
The 4-2 last triumph of France 2018 versus Croatia had actually seen 21.45 million individuals on ZDF 4 years earlier.

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