Sergio Agüero Insults Eduardo Camavinga After Winning The World Cup.

Last night, Sergio Ague made headlines across the world as he insulted France’s young star Eduardo Camping after Argentina won the World Cup. As emotions ran high, Ague let loose with his words and sparked outrage among fans. In this article, we’ll explore why Ague did this and what the implications of his outburst could be.


According to Argentina’s World Cup triumph, Sergio Ague let his sensations run totally free in a live stream.
He insulted a France star.
Sergio Ague was not on the pitch at the World Cup in Qatar, but was still there.
In this context, he insulted France star Eduardo Camping after the World Cup victory in a live stream.
After the World Cup success, Ague went survive on his Instagram account to commemorate the historic win in front of almost 500,000 fans.
He stated: Which is for Cara de Pinga, which indicates tail face.
The 34-year-old then had to read crucial words from some users.
The Argentinian was explained that Camping had actually already accomplished more in his young career with winning the Champions League than Ague as an expert in his whole term.
Other users, on the other hand, explained that he had only been amused by Camping’s name and the comparable sounding insult.
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Ague had to end his football profession in 2015, however was still on website in Qatar and commemorated the World Cup victory of the Albiceleste.
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