5 Kenyan Athletes Caught Doping, AIU Blocks Them

Kenyan athletes are in the spotlight after two separate doping scandals within a week. On Monday, three Kenyan runners were blocked from competing in international races due to doping violations, and now five more have been added to that list. Learn more about these cases and the measures being taken against them in this article.

Last year’s winner of the Boston Marathon, like four other athletes from Kenya, was blocked because of the taking of illegal substances.
The independent integrity commission of the World Athletics Association announced that a total of five athletes received sanctions.
In contrast, everyone can proceed in front of the International Sports Court of CAS.
Marathon runner Diana Diploma received a six-year lock on Tuesday, and the 28-year-old was revoked in the previous year.
After her success in the classic on October 11, 2021, a forbidden substance was discovered in a doping test.
Diploma then tried to explain the result with fake information.
This was possible with the help of Kenya Anti-Doping agency, it said.
Diploma did not raise an objection to the lock.

winner from 2017 closed for five years

The marathon runner Purity Rionoripo winner in Paris-Wurde closed for five years, Betty Wilson Lepus was initially suspended after her success at the half-marathon in Paris last year.
These two also tried to disguise the reasons for their positive doping samples.
Commission chief Brett Clothier said that such a procedure was not accepted, and it described it as a possible turning point that Kenya’s government wants to spend a total of $25 million for the fight against doping over the next five years.


The Commission had already announced several years of barriers for three athletes from Kenya on Monday.

The country is under pressure from the World Athletics Association because of the numerous uncovered cases.

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