How To Join Every Faction In Fallout 4: A Comprehensive Guide

Fallout 4 has four main fractions offering a variety of quests, as well as access to some things that you will not find anywhere else.
Each faction is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to use the advantages of each fraction will greatly affect your journey through the wastelands of the Commonwealth.
Here’s how to join every faction in Fallout 4.

All factions Fallout 4 Major and how to join them

Four main fractions that you will face in your travels:
Brotherhood of steel
Each faction plays an important role in Fallout 4, and all of them can directly affect the outcome of the game.
Joining them is the only way to establish significant interaction with them;
This is how you can do it.

Minutemen of the Commonwealth

Minutemen is the first faction to which you can join in the game.
This is a good group of volunteer militias who have united to look after the population of the Commonwealth as a whole.
After the events of Fallout 4, only a few participants are left, but they are still trying to make a wasteland better for people.
To join them, you need to talk with the throne of Harvey, whom you will find protecting civilians from raiders in the Freedom Museum in Concord.
He will ask you to defeat the raiders and the claw of death, and then escort them to the shelter.
After that, he will give you another mission, which includes ensuring the safety and recruitment of a new settlement for minutemen.
If you finish this, he will give you the general title of minimal.
Joining the minutemen gives you a rocket launcher that you can use to call for help when necessary.
You can also access some things after creating new settlements and performing quests for the faction.

fraternity steel

This faction is present from the first game Fallout, and in Fallout 4 they act from the air ship called Prudent.
They have advanced technologies such as weapons and legendary power armor.
In fact, this is a powerful organization that can turn you into a thin, vile murder machine using its equipment.
To join the Brotherhood of the Steel, you need to find a radio broadcast called the AF95 military frequency near the assembly factory of Korea.
Then you will be asked to go to the police station of Cambridge.
Once there, you will need to help some members of the fraternity began to defeat several wild ghouls so that they could enter the police station.
After that, talk with Paladin Dance, who will give you the task of calling for weapons.
This task includes ensuring the safety of the deep Range transmitter in Arc jet Systems.
Talk to Dance again after the completion of the quest to become a member of the faction.
Joining this faction gives you a new set of power armor, as well as access to the arsenal of the Brotherhood of Steel.
You are also given grenades-tags used to apply for protocols, which will be useful when moving in places.
The faction also has a unique merchant Prior Titan.


The scientifically advanced fraction that created syncs, the institute is considered the main antagonist in the game.
He is headed by a mysterious person named Father, who will help you in search of your son Sean.
To join the institute, you need to achieve sufficient progress in the main storyline in order to get a quest called institutionalized.
This quest requires you to go to the institute using a teleportation device that you can build using a teleportation chip received from a trotter, as well as some help from other fractions.
As soon as you get there, you will eventually meet your father, who will lead you to the show.
He will also talk with you about the institute, and you will be given the opportunity to join him if you want.
Joining the institute allows you to purchase energy weapons, including the legendary Water Wife if you complete some tasks.
The synths wandering around the wasteland will no longer attack you.


The underground faction that devoted itself to the protection of innocent, in their opinion, synths.
The railway secretly takes out symbols from the institute and gives them freedom, erasing their memories, and then introducing human memories in them.
They prefer to act secretly and try to avoid conflicts, if possible.
To join the railway, you need to go to Dugout Inn, Park Street Station and Good neighbor until you hear talk about the faction.
A quest called the road to freedom will then begin.
This quest requires you to go to the secret tunnels of the railway under the old Northern Church in the center of Boston.
Pay attention to the details that you will find on the path, because they will give you a password to enter the headquarters of the railway.

As soon as you find yourself there, talk with Desdemona to get the Trade craft task.
Performing this mission will allow you to join Railroad.
Joining Railroad gives you many advantages, starting with a pistol with a silencer that you get in the initial quest.
You will also gain access to some of the best reservations that can provide you with serious resistance to damage if they are folded together.
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