Is Aquaman Swimming Away? Heres What DC Studios Have To Say About Jason Momoas Future With The Franchise

In recent months we have heard several rumors about the possibility that Jason Momoa abandons the role of Aquaman to take the role of wolf in the new DCU.
Given this issue, James Gun and Peter Saran, co-presidents of DC Studios, have clarified this situation.
After revealing the plans that these creatives have for the first chapter of the new DCU, the managers were questioned at the possibility that Jason Momoa has two different roles in this universe.
Given this issue, it was made clear that there are no intentions for the actor to give life to more than one character at the same time.
This was what Gun said about it:

Jason will not play two characters despite what you may think.
For his part, Saran added:
It’s too soon.
He listens, he definitely… Jason always thought that Aquaman was a trilogy, in his own mind.
But listen, he loves Wolf.
It has also been very clear in that.
He will never play two characters, but no decisions have been made.
While it was clear that MoMA will not take two roles at the same time, still in doubt if he will eventually take the role of wolf.
Saran has pointed out that Aquaman could have a third film, although at the moment there are no concrete plans for this.
It seems that we will have to wait until after the premiere of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom to know the fate of this actor.


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Editor’s note:
Despite all the mistakes that were made in the DCE, the choice of Jason Momoa for Aquaman was not one of these.

If the actor wishes to continue working with Gun and Saran, he could well take any of these two papers, and have new adventures.

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