Protests And Court Successes: How Supporters Forced UEFA To Reject The Super League Idea

The advocates of a Super League European football club gained a legal success a couple of weeks before the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECG).
The provincial court in Madrid restricted the European Football Union (UEFA) and the World Association FIFA on Tuesday throughout of the primary procedures against the clubs involved.
The court ruled that the threat of penalties could not be validated with the security of the interests of European football.
Rather, there are characteristics of abuse of a power position.
The case is anticipated to be at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg till March, and greater opportunities of success probably have the challengers of a super league.
In mid-December, the ECG published an expert opinion in which the treatment of the UEFA and the FIFA World Association is referred to as suitable with European law.

The Super League must begin its own competitors, but it can not require a synchronized involvement in the competitors of the associations without their consent.
Sanctions up to the exclusion of competitors are lawfully certified.
The report is not binding for the court, however in the previous the ECG mostly followed the final applications of the chamber.
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The UEFA had actually threatened with sensitive sanctions in spring 2021, after the proclamation and failure of a European elite league.


9 of the twelve clubs then showed an affordable way and sworn the plans, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin, however, held on to the task.

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