Union Berlin Shuts Down RB Leipzig With Cheeky Tweet After DFB Cup Quarter-Final Win

Disco Berlin had actually had to leave undone things on Tuesday.
And if he regretted his burst movement to Union, it shouldn’t have actually gotten better in the evening: With the move into the DFB Cup quarter-finals, his near-establishment demonstrated how amazingly combined he is.


The truth that such a world star can picture playing for Union Berlin would have been a great story. However, we still have a randy team, said Ran Hegira after the late 2-1 win versus VFL Wolfsburg.
The eventful day also employed the group.
In the morning she learned that he actually comes, at midday that he does not come, said Hegira.
Ideal, I need to say that, the preparation for such an essential game was truly not, coach Urs Fischer also struggled.
His team put away well around Disco.
However, Fischer indirectly had a proposal for upcoming Due date Days.
Do you have to play that day when it is the last day of the transfer window? He asked.

Disco?- Tradition?.

The unsuccessful DISCO offer brought Union a lot of remorse, but also ridicule.
When the Berliners tweeted their line-up before the round of 16, the main account of RB Leipzig composed: Disco?.
What also countered Union in simply one word: Tradition?.

Other Bundesliga clubs then interfered, the first FSV Mainz 05, for example, left 3 popcorn emojis.
The clubless Disco had currently completed the medical look at Tuesday before monetary disagreements in between his consultant firm and the Union appeared at the last minute.
We found that the players’ company gone over before were various, reported sports manager Oliver Runner.
After the modifications existed today, we said: ‘It doesn’t work.’.

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