Sony Santa Monica Reaches Ten Million Sales Within Three Months For God of War Ragnarök!

After less than 3 months, God of War Ragnarök went beyond the 10 million mark!
We can see this from Sony Santa Monica’s latest tweet.
More particularly, the mythological action cracker has sold over eleven million times.
At this moment, the advancement team thanks the neighborhood for strong assistance.
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A very first party record was set up in the very first week: 5.1 million PlayStation gamers bought the video game in between November 9 and 16.
This indicates that the cinematic action adventure has actually started much better than any other game of a PlayStation studio.
Amongst others in Great Britain, amongst the most essential gaming markets, God of War Ragnarök was extremely successful.
In the very first seven days, it not just sold more than any other series spin-off, however likewise put the 4th best launch in British retail.

The excellent success is easy to discuss.
Finally, the last experience with Rates and ATREUS cleared one leading ranking after another in the press.
With 94 points it is the PlayStation video game with the second-highest score in 2022. Just the Soulslike hit Elden Ring cut off even much better (96 points).
The users also granted an average and concurred of 7.9 points.

is the predecessor surpassed?

Incidentally, the sales number from 2018 is 23 million systems.
Sony published this number on November 1, 2022, 5 and a half years after the publication.
Because God of War Ragnarök currently has eleven million sales, the chances are excellent to go beyond the reboot one day.
Specifically when a PC version follows, which is fairly most likely.
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In addition, the epic story seems to have actually managed to truly mesmerize many players.
After only two weeks, according to the Trophy data, 25 percent of the gamers have actually already played through the game.
It was a remarkably high worth for such a short time.
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