Crossfire X Service To End On May 18: What Now For Smilegate Entertainment?

Smile gate Entertainment delivered news of the final service end of the console FPS Game Crossfire X.

It’s just a year since its launch on February 10, 2022.

Smile gate posted a notice of termination of the service of Crossfire X on the stove homepage and SNS on the 4th.
At the end of May 18, we decided to end all support for crossfire X.


At the same time as the announcement was released, all sales in the Xbox store were suspended.
There will be no new content such as maps and modes until the end of the service, and as of February 3, 2023, items purchased within 14 days will be refunded.

‘Crossfire X’ is a title prepared to target the global console market with the ambition to solidify Smile gate as a representative IP master.
In addition to attempting to develop AAA-class console games that are hard to find in Korea, the news of the development of Remedy Entertainment, which has produced numerous masterpiece games such as Max Spain series, Alan Wake, and Control, is known.

But after the official launch, the user’s reaction was cold.
It is unusual to launch the Xbox console monopoly without a PC, and it is not accessible, and the single campaign, which was the biggest difference with the original crossfire and the name ‘Remedy’, was also criticized for its daily composition and incomplete completeness.

After listing the confirmed problems after the launch, the company tried to reverse it, such as sharing the improvement direction, but eventually the Smile gate made a decision to end the service of the crossfire X without being filled with two years of service.

The Crossfire X Game Server ends all on the upcoming May 18, but until then, all in-game content that has already been purchased or unlocked can be played normally through the Xbox Series X and Xbox One platform.

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